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 Marc LeBlanc AthletesInsight Ambassador
10k, Half & Full Marathon
In Their Own Words:
“It's not that you are stuck in that moment in time, it's the moment in time where you plan ahead for greatness”

2015: 1st Place Overall, Peaked Leaf Mountain 10k (Monson, Ma)

2015: 1st Place Overall Christmas 10k (Newport, RI)

2012: Pikes Peak Army Research Study 5 mile Time Trial, Fastest @14,000 ft (Colorado Springs, CO)

2010 & 2011: 1st American Dublin Marathon (Dublin, Ireland)

2011: 1st Place Tucson Marathon ( Starting altitude 4,730 ft Tucson, AZ)

About Marc:
Marc is a passionate runner that works as a fitness trainer while aggressively pursuing his own fitness goals. He competes as a long distance runner and establishes a proper work ethic "needed daily" to be at the pinnacle of his game. During Marc's routines and training for big races like the Boston and Dublin Marathon's, he had become very injured.
A few years ago Marc was devastated by a pelvic stress fracture in Colorado whilst trying to make the Olympic Marathon Trials.
Currently back in the Boston area, Marc is working hard yet smart, to ensure he doesn't suffer another injury setback, having taken from 2012-2014 to get back to being strong enough to run and race. Marc is well informed and on a mission to help others protect their bodies from injuries that he had to endure. He is proud to run and live down to earth he help others find and conquer their goals.
Instagram: @MRunTrain23
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